Monday, March 25, 2013

Containers make a statement

Set the mood and theme with containers. Containers can be found everywhere, flea markets, your garage, or in nature. However, if spend a little extra money upfront for a GREAT container you can use it over and over. Great containers, even if they appear to have a certain theme to them, can be used in almost all arrangements. The key is how you arrange in the container. Do you want a contemporary piece with asymmetrical lines or do you want something more mounded and Southern? Here are a couple of great containers I found in a great wholesaler magazine. I am focusing this blog on the "natural" look.
I am not sure if you can see the detail on the white ceramic, but it is a very calming pattern.  You would see this in nature on a giraffe or turtle shell.  The pots do appear more sleek and contemporary but if you added tall flowering branches or green vines, WOW!

I love the pretty scroll work on this lantern/vase.  If you add a glass insert you can use it as a vase.  Nature does not have an exact repeating pattern, however can't you just see this down the center of a bridal luncheon table with great big white and blue hydrangea and some moss?  Simple elegance, but completely achieved by the container. 

A trusty stand by if you want just a natural ceramic.  Very plain, perfect for an orchid, spotlights the beauty of the orchid and not the pot.  Add some spunk with bamboo and trellis.
Almost birch looking!  You can go wildflower galore in this container.  The whimsical, feather like veronica gives a softer look to a very rigid container.

What a perfect container for a succulent planter: it is all the rage for succulents.  Easy to grow and maintain and low water intake to boot.  Ferns would look great as well.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

So this is a little late for this year, but a great archive for next year. I had a blast planning Valentine's Day for my little family this year. For many years, I worked in a traditional florist that produced a ton of fresh flowers for the day of LOVE. I miss the hub bub... I think. So here is a little bit of the fun that was in store for the family.
I started with the pergola we built in the back yard.  What a great place to stage our fun.  Winter is SOOO dreary!  But I will fix that!
Ahhh... handmade pennants out of the left over Valentine's Day fabric I had stored away.  Make a template for the pennant and start cutting.  I just sewed all the triangles onto a double satin faced ribbon, and then hung each strand between the pergola supports.

Another shot, but my was it cold while hanging all of these.

The kids fun picnic area, staged with white eyelet, a square of fun hot pink fabric and a vase full of fun purple colored water.

What Christopher will see as he gets home from work.  I love the red chandelier with mason jars.

Since I try and keep up with some fun DIY ideas for weddings, one of my brides used this idea to lead her guests to an outdoor venue.  Powdered food coloring, flour and a stencil I made out of cardboard.  I thought the kids would enjoy helping with this project...They just wanted to help make a mess!

Hearts for my honey, leading him up the driveway.
I couldn't forget the fun snacks for our picnic.  Premade sugar cookies with our favorite character, strawberries, blueberries and chocolate icing.

Mine and Christopher's snack plate.  Just add more cookies and cheese  :-)

Let's go a little vintage and use heart dollies, a fun vintage gift bag and of course a little toast at the end of a long day enjoying 60 something degree weather... PERFECT.
The kids getting a big kick out of their treats and snacks.

Our youngest loving his strawberries and the fact he didn't have to wear a hat and coat.

Those sunglasses were a huge hit!  Some sun shades and some snacks, truly all a two year old needs!

This completely proves you can have a fantastic Valentine's day that includes the whole family right in your back yard and on a budget.  Hope this inspires your next Valentine's.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Resolutions for 2013

This time of year seems to either motivate and inspire or put people into a downward spin!  In my opinion RESOLUTIONS should not have that much power over you.  Take charge of your life from day one.  Let the new year help you turn over new leaves, literally!  Do not focus on one thing so much that you loose interest and fail.  For example:  If you have started the dreaded trudge to the gym... I can tell you you are wasting time and money.  Do forty extra crunches a day and walk a mile every other until you get motivated!  THEN find a good class and get on it! (might I recommend Zumba!)

Now, here is a challenge I would like to pass on to you.  Embrace plants  :-)  That's right!  Here are a few little known trivia points about house plants.   
*They are natural air filters, removing up to 70 percent of indoor air pollutants. 
    -Try plants such as English ivy, scheffleras, spider plants, and/or philodendrons- they can absorb     large quantities of formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and benzene. 
    - Indoor pollutants can lead to fatigue, headaches and allergies. 
*Some of the most effective plants for removing pollutants are: areca palm, lady palm, bamboo plant, rubber plant, ficus, peace lily, spider plants, aloe vera and snake plants. 
* According to "Save the Planet: 52 Brilliant Ideas to Rescuing our World" plants have very positive psychological effects on humans.
*Plants and an active interaction with plants have been known to help with health, self -esteem, concentration, pride and a sense of accomplishment. Plants also help the sense of relaxation, tranquility and enjoyment. ("Farming for Health" by Elings)

So, in short start your new you off with a couple of new friends.  Find them pretty pots, and place them where you will enjoy them the most.  Basically take a few minutes a day to enjoy the finer points of life, relax and breathe deep.

English Ivy

 Spider Plant

Pothos or Philodendron


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Orchids.  There are several types that are available.  This flower gets a bad name because people think they are VERY expensive.  This is a false thought.  Because transportation and growing costs have become more efficient the cost is very doable.

Not only is the price reasonable, orchid last a very long time.  Orchids have waxy coats to keep the water in the petals; this adaptation is due to living in a very humid climate.

Cymbidiums, dendrobiums, oncidiums and mokaras are the four most widely used types in the floral world.   All these come in a variety of colors.  So there is something for every bride or event. 

 Cymbidium orchids, peach roses and wax flower.  The textures are beautiful together.
 Purple dendrobium orchids make lovely cake decorations
 Bloomin' Thyme Design:  Burgundy cymbidium orchids, green spider mums, red roses, brussel sprouts, purple hydrangea, and blue delphinium. Jewel tone galore.
 Green cymbidium bouquet with yellow wire accent.
 Oncidium orchid bouquet with horsetail and a monestra leaf.
Purple dendrobium bouquet.  Very tropical.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ode to a Rose.  You either love them or hate them!  With so many colors how could you hate them?  I don’t think too many people love the traditional red rose bud with babies breath.  But red roses can be beautiful if you just arrange them the right way.

Roses are grown in Florida, California, Columbia, Ecuador and several other South American countries.  Yes, they are grown in America, but they seem to do the best in the climates South of here.   Because of the bug infestations they are sprayed with pesticides to keep perfect form.  If they weren’t sprayed we wouldn’t have them.

Roses used to be rather inexpensive, but with the increasing cost for transportation and production roses are definitely a mid priced flower. 

 Bloomin' Thyme Design: all jewel tones- roses, hypericum berries, stock, dendrobium orchids, cymbidium orchids and lisianthus.
 Bloomin' Thyme Design: Esperanza roses, hypericum berries, lisianthus and bear grass orbs.
 Bloomin' Thyme Design: Yellow roses, curly kale, yellow tulips collared in a yellow netting and contained with horsetail.
 Red rose bouquet with gems.  Like velvet!
 Simple and clean.  Pink open roses do the trick.

Green roses with a European Flare. 

Pincusion Protea . They add lots of texture and depth to any arrangement.  Even if you were not looking for a tropical feeling to your wedding or event these cute little guys can be mixed in with roses and callas.

Protea are very long lasting.  In fact they will probably dry right in your arrangement.  Their “petals” are a very waxy stem and create the “pincushion” or urchin. 

I love mixing the unexpected in with the traditional.  A true floral designer has a vision after just hearing the color scheme and venue!  Plus being able to take inspiration from what a bride provides is an absolute must!

 Bloomin' Thyme Design: Orange pincushion protea, peacock feather balls and horsetail with black accents.
 Bloomin' Thyme Design: Pincushion protea, green cymbidium orchids, artichokes, privet berreis, red roses, peacock feathers and accent greenery.
 Yellow pincushion protea, blue hyacinth, hypericum berries, and kale.

 Both stunning with pincushioin protea, calla lilies, ginger and fern curls.  Bottom: circus roses, calla lilies, protea, cymbidium, and safari sunset.
Bloomin' Thyme Design: Bells of Ireland, gerbera daisies, roses, protea and curly willow with mixed greenery.  Presented on a glass riser.

How fun is it to learn about flowers and their neat characteristics.
Sunflowers are very bright and fun and a great way to start the beginning of summer. I am working with a bride right now that wants simplicity, and we are going to achieve that with sunflowers. 

With their large heads there is plenty of color and show for your bridal budget!  Just a couple will replace the need for lots of smaller faced flowers. You can make them garden like where they grow in nature or dress them up and make more of an elegant statement.
 Pretty sunflowers in a field.
 Stunning altar or mantle piece with sunflowers.
 Simple table arrangements.
 Lots and lots of sunflowers.
Bloomin' Thyme Design:  Sunflowers, gerbera daisies, hypericum berries and black accents.